Why Don't You Rematch in Blitz?


I'm just curious - if you tend to not rematch - why do you play chess, and why don't you rematch your opponents?

I'll go on long Blitz streaks where few, if any, of my opponents will rematch me. Especially at my garbage Blitz rating, Blitz, to me, is about horsing around over the board, laughing, and having a good time. My favorite times on chess.com are rematching someone five times in a row, while we both drop silly quips in chat. I'm really not at a point where I feel like I learn or improve through online Blitz by myself - I'm honestly just aiming to joke around with people.

When a large number of people don't rematch, I find it frustrating. I feel like the rules of chess are more important to them than the fact that chess is a game played with a human opponent. I know it's your choice to rematch or not, but am I really so much worse (or, gasp, better) than you that it's a complete waste of time to play one more 5|0?

For longer time controls, I get it. It's a heavy investment. I can't always rematch longer games, either. Sometimes I'm just tired out after one.

But tell me - why are people so averse to rematches in Blitz?


Maybe they just want to try different opponents

Lenda do foro