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Hi everyone! My name is Advaith Vijayakumar and I am a 14-year-old from Washington State. My current USCF rating is 2026, my current CFC rating is 2147 (with one NM norm), and my current FIDE rating is 1846.

I first discovered chess when I was seven years old when I joined my elementary's school's afterschool chess club. I took a liking to the game and started taking chess classes. Soon, I played my first scholastic tournament at the age of eight, and my first USCF tournament at the age of nine. 

Perhaps my most memorable event was the 2020 Washington State Barber Qualifier, where I won first place with a full score of 5/5 and qualified for the national tournament of middle school champions. I was also interviewed by NW Washington Scholastic Chess as a guest commentator during the Washington State Elementary Chess Championship. That interview can be found here. (40:00 - 1:18:00 & 1:36:00 - 2:14:00)

A list of my most notable chess achievements goes as follows:

[to be added later]

Adoption Log

My chess personality is surgeon

P.S. Please do NOT invite me to a club or team.

A few more things: I generally won't respond to messages or notes on my profile saying "Hi" or the such. I also do not accept random challenges.

Thanks for visiting my profile and have a great day!