Before you read about me, I implore you:

By filling out this form and spreading the news to others, you could very well become a part of history on It would take you a mere minute or 2 of your day to fill this form out and maybe another minute to copy paste this to spread the word. I implore you to fill this form out, the accomplishment of this project would be legendary and it would forever be etched into history on cc. Thank you, and now for my background:

Hello, I'm just another one of the jokers that you might have seen on the social side of; I used to be active in the general forums but stopped when I felt they massively decreased in quality, so now I am mostly active in clubs, and just like to have fun there. 

Aside from clubbing, I also started my blog, Alphaous's Amazing Anecdotes (I like alliterations) which currently has 10 posts, with this being my most recent one. I'm currently trying to become Top Blogger, and am active in the blogging competition club, BlogChamps

My goals for 2023 are: 

1800 USCF (I'm currently 1546)

2200 Blitz

2000 Bullet/Rapid

I don't have many lifetime goals besides becoming a titled player.

Some of my favorite accomplishments:

Reaching 2000 Blitz (I think this finally cemented me as cool tongue.png)

Getting an en passant mate + drawing an NM OTB

Winning $225 at my first OTB event

Beating 9 titled players online (Yes I know some of them are dirty flags, but they still count tongue.png)