Nastja | she/her | Iesbian | trans | 30s | writer

  • Yes, we can chat, but I don't do smalltalk
  • No, I am not single¹ (or available), thank you for asking
  • No, I'm not playing Live² Chess at present
  • No, I'm not taking "Daily" challenges at present³

¹ I have a girlfriend, to whom I am very happily engaged. For some reason, men seem to see this as an invitation to ask the same three questions in the same order, so to answer them: 1) not a snowball in Hell's chance 2) we have zero interest in entertaining you 3) your very question comes from a very misogynistic, patriarchal perspective. Just stop.

² If you see me in the Live Chess server, that is my weekly endgame study session with a friend and does not mean I am going to play a live game with you anytime soon.

³ I try to keep my games in the 8–12 range. I often have more than this, and you'll note that you can't send me challenges. Even if it gets down to that number, likely I'll still hold off opening up challenges, because I frequently play in tournaments and team matches, and I need to keep space for those.

Notwithstanding how the above may make me seem unapproachable, I'm actually very friendly and the above is just a result of the weight of very many men sliding into my DMs with the same few questions and questionable motives. Ain't nobody got time for that, or at least, I don't.

What I do have time for though is people with something to say/ask that's not smalltalk, and especially, for members of clubs I'm in, especially members of clubs I administrate, and especially members of LGBT Club which is where I put the most of my attention and have done for quite some years now:

LGBT Club—'s premier club for LGBTQIA+ folk and allies