30 de maio de 2008
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hai 17 horas
I am a Filipino working in Qatar up to April 30, 2008. I love to listen to rock music. I think it's very important to communicate with different kind of people with different nationality to learn different kind of ideas about many things. I want to be always a decent human being and avoid anger at all times if it is possible. The moment I learn this game I become fascinated. There are so much depht and mystery about this game. As the saying goes it's very easy to learn this game but very hard to master. My style is universal! I love attacking play and squeeze play. Nowadays I don't play anymore. I began to play again when I heard of Bobby's death. I was a lifelong fan of him. I learn to play when he became World Champion in 1972. I was 13 years old then. Nowadays I only play on-line if I have time. I admire this Magnus Carlsen. He is like Bobby. He fought to the last pawn even when he is black and he is very young. I think he will become World Champion. I am now in Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia working in the construction of the Weapons Facilities here in King Fahd Air Base. I work as a Consulting Civil Structural Engineer.