12 de set. de 2011
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I am a guy by the way.   My parents named me Ashley because at the time I was born, it was still more of a guy's name; traditionally it was, especially in the south of the USA. I also have a great uncle named Ashley. It toughened me up in elementary school.  The Johnny Cash song, "A boy named Sue," I can somewhat relate to that.  ;-)  I work in mental health, at a non-profit. It's a peer staff position, which means that I also have a mental illness but am doing well in my recovery, and am strong enough (along with my own outside treatment) in order to be an inspiration and positive influence on others in recovery. ( I have been in recovery from bipolar disorder type one since December 2005, and have been on the same medications since April 2007). Leadership partially hired me for my excellent computer skills.  In May 2014, I was nominated in the Peer Support category for Chester County, PA's Recovery Stars awards, as well as won the Recovery Star award for Team Player.  I was also co-awarded as a "Champion of Recovery" by Compeer of Chester County and MHASP for my professional and volunteer service and positive example in behavioral health recovery.  Furthermore, I sing, play trombone and trumpet, as well as a little guitar and a little piano, and can read music, and am decently versed in music theory (took two years in high school), and have been playing trombone and reading music since 1994.  I also am an avid poet, and really like to write for family and friends, especially for birthdays/Christmas/anniversaries, etc.

My favorite opening is e4 for white.  I am learning more fianchetto variations and the queen gambit, among others, to widen my repertoire.