I learnt chess from my friend when I was 13; the year was 1984.

I clearly remember, on that evening I learnt chess, I rushed to my father, and asked for my own chess set; he brought it the very next day! I played with him a lot in just two years; never won a single game! He passed away when I was 15.

Yes, of course, my favourite game is chess! Chess does fresh my mind! I forget everything while playing chess! If someone wakes me up at midnight to play chess, no complaints! I play for fun and enjoyment!

I've participated in an only (city) tournament in 1995, in which I badly lost my game in the first round, then I did not attend even the remaining rounds!

I'm here, at, to have fun! I play chess for fun and enjoyment overall. Rating is not so important for me at all! Win or lose is a part of the game, I believe.

Here, I've limited friends just like in my real life!

And, limited clubs too. Below are my favourite clubs;


I've joined this club first, I think. A Gold membership for a year was gifted to me by Maher Haddad, the creator of the club, for my contribution in matches and vote chess games! He made me admin there later for introducing and hosting a forum game [1-to-3] for three seasons! These days, I represent this club in various team match tournaments.


This is my first creation on, so, close to me and I feel a sentimental attachment to it! It is one of my retirement plans now, to set up a chess club, named SQUARES, nearby my home!


This club is created to get together chess players of my city Ahmedabad.


National club is created to compete with other country clubs.


This club organises various team match tournaments between clubs.


I join clubs if get any invite... sometimes I apply for a club... stay in there for some period... if it doesn't click/match then I quit quietly!

If there are 40+ ongoing games in my list; I'm not available for more games. However, I always keep the alerts on for my clubs and receive/read all notifications/alerts/notes/news for the matches/tournament. I join there by myself as and when my clubs indeed require my participation.

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