14 de dec. de 2017
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hai 9 horas

I can play at master strength at times but also I can play like trash lol

I play better chess when you blunder... so please give me tactical ideas and blunder lol also I’m usually playing other games like minecraft KoT (etc) while I’m playing games so uhh yeah lol

also more interested in playing a fun game rather than a serious game also lol trying to explore more tactical situations to improve OTB happy.png

also im the founder of PupTown Chess Club happy.png a nooby chess club.. if you like bad humor and tilt days and tournaments you can join us and tilt off me hopefullytongue.png

also I am a mouse... I go moo.. lolimadoggybutdontkillmeimstewpidtimesnineninenineslapdadoggitheiswatdatbaconsoups

my best game accurate was 99.6 because my opponent hung pieces like🥳

My names toadddddddddddd and I LIKE SPAGETTIIIIIIIIIIIIUU!!!!!

am I ok? Toadally get it? TOADALLY HAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHHA btw in reality not really

TASTE THE RAINBOW!!!! 🌈🤔💎🌈🌈if someone was to ask my playing style.. I would say.. a idiot 

He is watching you... he also has a spaghetti  🍝 Lol idk what I am anymore.. lol my uscf is 1986 waiting to drop any moment soon.. just wait.. it’s coming... just wait.. it’s coming.. wow.. this is quite slow.. just hurry up already.. 🤨

I am a master level blitz player and can beat title players lol