2 de mar. de 2019
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hai 5 horas

aight so I decided to redo my bio

it was like 5 pages long

anyway i didn't save my old bio or make an archives for it cuz im lazy

its in progress

anyways i felt like i needed one since the last one was at 3k views

also do i need to change my pfp/background because at the time it was a tempowary one and so its the same and very bad

na im lazy

but seriously should i?

im also at the point where if u give me an image and tell me i need to change it i just mite

also should i start using mesages again

yeah lol its like 1 in a year time im finally doing this stuff

honestly i used to update it so much

bio templates are welcome ill give full credit

drop a mesage or chat and it will be ok

if you need help in club management also drop a mesage

so yes im returning to that

incase your wondering i actually managed a ton of clubs, some actually over 10k members

Im currently not managing anything major and i went rip from the forums

I no longer have strict requirements for which clubs i manage

and cut the end of my useless and 0 effort bio 

have fun i also removed the epic images and etc cuz they were getting in the way