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21 years old, from the UK. FIDE 1750, ECF 1839.

I have been playing tournament chess consistently for the last 4 years. Here are my best results: Frodsham 2018 U1600 - 1st place, 5/54NCL 26th Congress (Leamington Spa) - PR: 2069, 4NCL 27th Congress (Harrogate) - PR: 2013. Score of +9=0-2  in Leicestershire league (21/22), division 3.

Coaching Services

I work with players <1600 ELO who are motivated to improve. I have 3 years of online coaching experience. My high-achieving students include Harry Rhodes (@RH0DES) 900 → 1200 rapid in 6 months, and Alexandre de Maupeou d'Ableiges (@destroyer8470) 900 → 1300 rapid in 12 months.

My standard rate is £20/hr.

If you are interested, please contact me at:

About me

  • I am a student of GM @DavorinKuljasevic.

  • Game published in New In Chess 2020/5 p.33 'The Art of Swindling' with annotations by GM David Smerdon.

  • My all-time favourite chess player is Alexander Alekhine.
  • Apart from chess, I like to play the piano and am working towards a bachelor's in physics.