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What I know about Hudson

Firstname: Hud

Lastname: Son

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado - 80995 or in Canada write to Box 9800 Vancouver, BC

Social Security Number: He also didn't want me to know his SSN

Other Info: In a dark laboratory, renowned ornithologist, @HudsonFosterK, invented a revolutionary new way of expressing laughter. By using a mixture of Negative X and Ken Ham's "D is for Dinosaur," this new method is set to end the emoji. "Ven some comment on de intarnet causes you jovial giggling, you are to press de Ecks key first and den repeatedly press de Dee key until you have a wery large amount of Dee letters. Ven dis 'appens, you are now making obsolete de wretched 'emoji' dat de kids rave about." The genius doctor then gave us a demonstration. "xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD." As soon as he was finished, we could hear a new era of communication rushing into the room.

Also by INAUNP

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