I'm originally from Syria, I have two masters one in Economics and one in Human Rights and Democratic Governance in MENA region. I worked in many fields related to teaching from university subjects to mental math for youths. I am interested in everything related to IQ and creativity, thus I enjoy brainstorming meetings and playing chess . I am a person who has many goals and dreams, I have high standards for everything I do, I always look for idealism and perfection which makes me tired, and sometimes it forces me to give up. I enjoy helping people so much, it is my source of pleasure. Currently, I am a PhD student and I work as a research assistant in Magdeburg University in Germany. I love to teach chess to children, I'm looking for a student who loves chess, I have a dream to make him/her a grandmaster. I play chess for 6 hours a day while I was a child but these days I don't have enough time for playing. I like semi-close game so I prefer queen gambit when I play White and I prefer Sicilian Defense when I'm Black. I won Aleppo University Tournament many times and Syrian Universities Tournament one time, My favorite players are Alexander Alekhine, Magnus Carlsen and Garry Kasparov. I'm open to have friends of all over the world, just send me a message. null