I love chess and chess history. Worked as a counselor (not an instructor), at a chess camp for several years and met lots of GMs. Learned a lot about the players of the 30's-60's. Ran into lots of Russians. Sold antique maps and prints for 30 years; (yeah, I'm old- but far as I can tell, not dead yet). Semi retired, I'm outdoors a lot and work with  kids with reading difficulties. I tell 'em I'm 29.  If they are 2nd graders they believe me. Give me a few years, I'll probably believe it myself.    addendum:  I'm now working as a sub in grades pre-k thru 5.  My kids are in their 30's  and I miss the little ones.  Another addendum-helped found a thrift store for our little community two years ago...and quit when the board members forgot our purpose and wanted to parade themselves.