Hi =DD

Sometimes i play very well, but usually not

Back at chess, but i continue to suck on it xD

I didn't defeated any titled players in standart, only in atomic

Twice top 200 br in Brawl Stars with shelly

I changed my localization to Belgium bcuz pairements are faster =D

Anyway, i guess that's all ; )

My acc on everything:

BS: https://brawlstats.com/profile/YP08JYLR9 

Lichess: https://lichess.org/@/IanAVR123 and https://lichess.org/@/polandkase 

Lishogi: https://lishogi.org/@/poland  

Pychess:  https://www.pychess.org/@/IanAVR123 

My favourite music genre is EDM, and my favourite music is A Stranger's Dead(by Paul Flint and Cadmium). Lo-fi is also ok happy.png