[br]I've been playing chess almost daily in the last 28 years of my life because I like it a lot. I've been involved in a lot of sports like soccer, rugby, tennis, american football and even street fighting in organized environment and legal competitions but nothing compares to chess because chess keeps your brain in a fairly good shape :) [br][br] I hate cheaters and this is why, when I say that I PLAY CHESS, it means no software involved. Sometimes I play brilliantly, other times I do silly mistakes ... probably this is why I like chess so much :) [br][br] .... [br][br] [b] Lately I have no more time to play ... but the lack of time is also "backed up" by a lack of interest because I am tired of being cursed by other players and chess.com to do nothing at all ... "did he say anything about your mother ? ah that's ok, just close the chat !" ...[/b]