FIDE: #1974009

Discord: TheUltimateTrap#4993

When I joined in September 2020 I was mainly fascinated by variants. I had a tiny chessboard at home that I used to play every now and then with my family. I was much better than everyone else, but still I had no principles so I would always lose even to the weakest computers. I spent several years of my life admiring chess but yet not going into it just because it never came to mind or I knew

Then I found in one of the unlikeliest ways possible. It was a matter of seconds or I wouldn't see the term "" on my screen ever. I wasn't expecting that to be so, but as it turns out, it completely changed my life. I started exploring the website and all I could do without an account was solo chess. It was hard initially, but I quickly got good at it and I solved crazy mode (even though I was rated like 300, as I had no idea of any principles, such as development or central control). I always wanted to play some online games and puzzles too, so I created an account.

So you ask, "Why didn't you play as a guest?"
It's 2020 bro, You can't XD. So I'm into chess for not being allowed into chess happy.png

Then I saw 4 player chess (NOT variants obviously, again it's 2020) and I just decided to create an account already. It truly is the best place I could ever be on. I quickly learnt the basic principles and got a decent rating way before I watched chess content on youtube. I only watched veritasium or some similar channels at that point, what did you think. I wasn't really a youtube guy. lessons were enough for me. I just trained a lot of puzzles too, and it's honestly very easy to get good if you want to at the lower end of the rating spectrum.

When I did start consuming chess content on youtube, I wasn't learning that much as I was already a decent player. I watched (and still watch) youtube mostly for fun.

I developed chess intuition, got a good opening repertoire, and over the course of about 1.5 years, I got to a rating similar to my current one. I'm plateaued here, sort of, but I will hopefull get better. I am now going to OTB tournaments, have actually bought chess courses and will do my best to improve at this game. The most fascinating thing about it is that I'm so trash at it. I spent two years and yet my play is this mediocre. No other game has ever managed to do that with me. In every other game I played I would get good at it way too quickly that I would jut get bored. Chess managed to be my hobby for over two years, but note that that no other hobby of mine lasted that long. I would just stop liking it or lose interest after about an year. Not chess. Chess is way more than a hobby for me now, it's my life.

I got into the community very quickly. I'd like to mention a few usernames: @dcollins62, my oldest friend at the moment after fun daily games. He's still in my friend list and still active

@AKSHAYtheGRANDMASTER owner of the club I first joined, fun times

@S0ciaManiac We did a bunch of stuff, hopefully you don't change your username again

I also went into the variants side of the community, some of the oldest friends include @ChessMasterGS, @hahaha4315, @Chat-Banned (who actually got banned) @BoxJellyFishChess etc

I joined 8pc by @HighEldar and very supported by @MrXX2018 @zisal2029 @Adamraichu (wonder why he's inactive)

So now that I finished my story let's talk about what's going on rn

1. I'm a very good chaturaji player, with a rating above 2400 and a peak above 2500. These are rookie numbers for @Arseny_Vasily, @VEPOS and some others

Join the Chaturaji Workshop now! we help everyone learn the game and have fun together.

2. Join 8 player chess. As mentioned, t was founded by higheldar and still going after more than a year! made the club official and we choose Luke Romanko as the representing member of te variants team in our club

So now we're done with variants, I'll say my favourite clubs are Red Pawn (Sorry for no link, name constantly changing)

The timeline of History and chess

Puzzle Patzers

and some others.






And many others. I have nearly 200 friends, can't keep with yall

I think that should be it for this description. Enjoy life, be happy, and don't get mated!