My name is Mark and I began playing chess at the age of 4. My father and Uncle beat me repeatedly until this 4 year old rose up and said NO more! I was Captain of my chess TEAM in high school and won first place or runner up in every tournament for 4 years! I moved on to the local chess club where I played 3.5 years seriously. I finished winning my city championship twice. I also played in The Texas State Team Tournament finishing 2nd.  ( Playing for first in the last round! ) I studied under Robert Brieger who wrote the chess endgame column for Chess Life. I finished after 3.5 years leaving me 50 points from the NM title. I was ranked Top 50 in the nation for being under 21! Then I quit playing for 25 years! Now, my love has come back to me. A little dusty and rusty, I am enjoying the game once again! I am willing to help anyone willing to listen and learn! So, now everyone knows me. Feel free to send me a challenge and We will have some fun! I am not as sharp as I used to be but, don't underestimate me! Best wishes to anyone who took the time to read this! Vicente-