Yes! As per my status says, I totally got #12 in Arena kings! grin.png

I and the other 3 players (including 2 titled players) had the same score but the reason i got #12 was that they had higher ratings than me sad.png

Anyways here´s the screenshot of me getting #12:

Thats me in the last lol.

If you don't know, Arena kings is basically a large event, (altho I didn´t win a prize), It´s a showcase for me because, tons of competition, and getting #12 out of 870 is quite insane lol.

Yea and I took a 5-minute break because I lost like 3 games in a row, if I hadn´t taken a break I probably could have pulled up top 10 position sad.png

Also Im going to be inactive because im moving to another state AND THE MAIN REASON IM HERE is because of NSPCL and I really want to captain my first ever team in nspcl and c how its going.

Our team:

B1 = @Rychessmaster1

b2 = @Bishop_to_e4

B3 = @Supercoolguy2000 + @Vinumonz555 (C)

B4 = @ojas2751

B5 = @TheUltraTrap + @Hypixel140

and Im actually going to close my account after NSPCL ends because due to further studies and personal reasons sad.png

Yea I actually made my decision already. I have really accomplished everything on this site and its time to move on lol

My Personal Quiz: happy.png 

But oh well, all is good, and thanks for reading my profile! Have a great day! grin.png

How to troll kaden (@Kadenstarr) part 1:


How to troll kaden part 2:

He blocked me for a while LOL

How To Troll Kaden Part 3: