thanks (not really) ricorat i'm keeping this bio for a week lol

Hiya I'm Wowy and I like chess happy.png here are some facts about me.

1. My favorite chess player is Bobby Fischer! Here’s a picture of him if you’ve never seen him before  

2. My favorite music genre is Video Game OST Why you may ask? It’s very relaxing to listen to after a long and stressful day happy.png

4. When I grow up I want to work at the local gas station as they get cool uniforms for work 😎 

5. Here's my list of people I like:




@Moonwarrior_1 epic singer lol


6. I saved the best for last which is my face reveal happy.pngThanks for reading and have a great day 

PS I skipped number 3. i bet you didn't notice