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I love to laugh!  I enjoy hiking or boating with my dogs (portuguese water dogs), playing poker, backgammon, reading, traveling, great music, and when possible...... a fine single malt scotch paired with a great cigar.....

I love the competitiveness of chess. Unlike most other games there is no "luck" factor. My success (or lack there of) is due to my own decision making and is not influenced by the roll of the dice or randomness of cards. I enjoy the stratagy of attacking and defending and the complexities of involving every piece on the board.....

Watermelon In Easter Hay is one of my favorite Frank Zappa instrumentals

In my opinion this song illustrates the unbelievable complexities of Zappa's music

Michael Hedges doing a wonderful cover of Zappa's Sofa #1 with great pictures of FZ

ZPZ - just a terrific performance here


Some great classical guitarwork by FZ here

Back To Life

Stevie Vai doing a sweet cover of Little Wing

Terrific rendition of this song that will make you feel good just by listening

A little jazz from Corea & Mcferrin 'Round Midnight

This Cohen cover by Jennifer Warnes features Stevie Ray Vaughn on lead

Straight - No Chaser is the name of this A Capella group just signed to a 5 disc deal.  They are doing a cover of Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours"

Leonard himself performing one of his classics "I'm Your Man"

ZPZ - Peaches En Regalia....  Another great rendition Dweezil does of his Daddy's music