20,428 सदस्य
16 फ़र॰ 2010
43,955 Events Played

The Philippines’ Finest Chess Club (PFCC) is one of the top Filipino online chess communities globally. We embody almost 7,000 chess players in the most popular online chess platform, The competitiveness of PFCC is projected in its consistent leaderboard
standing. It secures the top 3 among 90,815 in team matches and the top 2 out of 85,956 in vote chess.

On February 16, 2010, PFCC was established with the initiatives of our Founding Chairman Ringo Villagonzalo, Efren Quilantang, and Romie
Madlangsakay in Ronda, Cebu.


In its early years, PFCC was founded on a mission to educate the youth, instill values and sportsmanship, and strengthen the spirit of brotherhood. The forefathers envisioned us to be one of the most
respected chess clubs globally and be a training ground for future world chess champions in Asia.


Pre-COVID-19 PFCC held bonding tournaments in Negros Oriental, Metro Manila, and Laguna. We produced competitive players in the field, including the young ASEAN Chess Master Sara Francine Olendo.


Today, through the power of camaraderie, we are building a new age for PFCC. We are building a system to achieve our vision of housing the finest chess players in the country. Currently, PFCC is affiliated with the
National Chess Federation, popular Filipino chess streamers, private corporations, and individuals.



PFCC commits to amplify the name of chess among Filipinos, and to provide the necessary tools to promote professionalism, sportsmanship, and competitiveness.



PFCC envisions itself to become a world-class chess organization housing the finest of the Philippine chess community.



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