The Ideas Room

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30 जून 2019
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Looking for a place to kick back?
Discuss your favorite topics?
Make some new friends?
Or play chess? 
You’ve come to the right place..

Diversity is one of our finest features. 
We have members from around the globe. 
Individuals from all walks of life are here.

Our forums are extremely diverse with over 400 pages of them to choose from. 
Can’t find a topic you'd like to join in on, you can start one yourself.

And yes, there are chess players here. 
We have something for everybody from beginners to experienced players.
We have daily matches, live matches, tournaments, and vote chess. 
You can play rated or unrated casual games.

We do ask that you be courteous, respectful, and tolerant of others. And if there is a problem please bring it to the attention of an administrator. We will look into it.

It will be our privilege and pleasure to extend an invitation to you to join our prestigious club. We look forward to an early acceptance of your membership.

So go ahead, tap the “JOIN” button. We’ll be talking to you soon.

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