The Puzzle Patzers

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21 जून 2022
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Hello and welcome to a place where puzzle solvers, beginners and masters alike, reside. If you are looking for a place to post and solve intriguing tactics or are just looking for a place to socialize with fellow members, then we humbly ask you to join! In this club, we post and discuss tactics of various variety, while simultaneously helping others to grow in their knowledge of the game we all love. This club is made to accept any skill level. Whether you are a beginner looking to improve or an advanced tactician, this is a place where creative minds bond together. So join this exciting community filled with fun, and prepare to solve some tricky tactics, ambitious attacks, and perplexing puzzles!

Here are some of our accomplishments:

As of February 15th, we are in the top 400 for Vote Chess, currently maintaining a 100% win rate!

As of February 15th, we proudly have 118 members that boast a puzzle rating of 3000+, and 8 members that have a puzzle rating of over 4000!

We have a fun, friendly, and safe community that consistently produces engaging content!

With all this said, we hope you consider joining The Puzzle Patzers Thank you so much for reading through this entire invitation! We wish you the best, and we can't wait to see you there!

- TPP Staff



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