This is a club for the pro and ΘмεgαΩ amateur vote chess players, and it is a group where friends of E4orce, aka Willy G. SoulFire, can hang out and have a good time, for this is a club of tha homies, by the homies, and for the homies! This club is a dream of mine come true, thanks to the generosity of GM_Magnus_Kingdom, cuz I won a Gold Membership in one of his tournaments. q=)


P.S. Be nice though, cuz bullies will not be tolerated, and if they manage to sneak in, they will be banned, blocked, and reported.


Also P.S. Please, new members- don't just ask for SA to demote the people I promote. You will get 3 strikes, but on strike 3 you will be demoted for a predetermined time so people know that it's my club, my rules. Thanks for understanding everyone!

And a final P.S. (xDDD lol I'm great at those LOL... oh well) If you all ever need encouragement or motivation to win, this is my way of tellin' you all that I believe you can win- you can do it! A great vid. q=)



And make sure you join Bright Pawn League, it's for the friends of Hypixel140 and E4orce, it's a cool one too!

                                                                who likes puzzles?


If anyone wants to advertise please PM @E4orce first, as we don't allow advertising unless approved. Especially when it is in direct competition to our club and activities without our permission. This is pretty standard throughout the club world, out of courtesy and respect for each other's clubs.


To all Vote chess players:


We discuss back and forth and vote last 24 hours.

The longer our team spends discussing our candidate moves, the better we will play.

We prefer if people join in on the discussions, and that is the main part of these games, rather than voting without discussion first.

We want you to post if you spot a good move, and to hold off until the call before voting.



  • This is a club for the pro and ΘмεgαΩ amateur vote chess players.

Vote chess protocol requires that all voting is held to the 24 hour mark of the game, and that all moves need to be discussed.

Please join our ongoing Vote Chess

Vote chess: 

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