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  • GeniusKJ

    अब ऑन लाइन है
    Kairav Joshi Spokane, WA, संयुक्त राज्य

    Hi there!   I am the Founder and CEO of Chess University, Inc., the world's leading online chess academy with its primary website located at https://ChessUniversity.com   My journey in the chess education world began when I became a #1-selling coach....

  • NM FearNoEvil12

    लाइव में
    Joel Johnson USCF रेटिंग 2300 Phoenix, Arizona, संयुक्त राज्य

    Joel Johnson, unlike nearly all other chess masters, started playing tournament chess at the advanced age of 17. But it did not take long before success struck, in just his third chess tourney, Joel won the 1972 Merrimack Valley High Chess Championship...

  • NM Lasker_Fiverr

    अब ऑन लाइन है
    Lukajic Bojan FIDE रेटिंग 2200 Novi Sad, सर्बिया

    Chess Master, achieved international rating over 2200. Over the years I traveled a lot, played home and abroad, met many, created friendships. A few photos with Svidler, No 8. in the world...I offer coach services online, for 10 dollars per hour, increasement...

  • CM Gertsog

    लाइव में
    Viktor Neustroev FIDE रेटिंग 2211 Novosibirsk, रूस

    Experienced chess coach specializing in tactics and openings. An author of educational chess courses on Udemy. The coach of the champion of Siberia among girls under 9! Affordable rates! A test lesson is also possible! I'm 32. I live in Russia, Novosibirsk....

  • GM GutovAndrey

    अब ऑन लाइन है
    Andrey Gutov FIDE रेटिंग 2501 Belovo, रूस

    I am an international grandmaster. World Champion 2017 for amateurs under 2400:  https://amateurchess.com/aco-world-amateur-chess-championship-kos-2017/ One lesson is 26$ per hour (PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union).  I give chess lessons by Skype in English...

  • FM mizant

    अब ऑन लाइन है
    Aleksandar Randjelovic FIDE रेटिंग 2314 Niš, सर्बिया

    - full time chess coach- 15+ years in chess coaching- own programme (proven to be successful)- homework after each session- free correspondence games with students- 25 USD for 45 min lesson- emphasizes understanding, not memorizing- teaches only what...

  • GM BartoszSocko

    ऑनलाइन 26 मिनट पहले
    Bartosz Socko FIDE रेटिंग 2657 Warszawa, पोलैंड

    Hello! I am here to have some fun, to play some blitz games, but also to help you! I am active player and chess coach so feel free to ask me about training, openings, books, ideas etc. I give lessons online. bartoszsocko@gmail.com

  • GM Sergey_Kasparov

    अब ऑन लाइन है
    Sergey Kasparov FIDE रेटिंग 2465 Mogilev, बेलारूस

    Grandmaster from Belarus, ELO 2465. More than 15 years coaching experience with players of all levels from beginners to professionals, all over the world, both in person and Online, children and adults. Languages: Russian, English. Author of 8 chess books...

  • IM RadekGajek

    अब ऑन लाइन है
    Radek Gajek FIDE रेटिंग 2439 Vienna, ऑस्ट्रिया

    I am International Master with about 3 years experience in teaching. I can speak German,English and Russian. If you live in Vienna or near Vienna, training face to face is possible. One hour costs 10 EUR or 12.50 USD, payment possible per PayPal, Western...

  • CM JamesColeman

    ऑनलाइन 1 घंटा पहले
    James Coleman FIDE रेटिंग 2207 London, इंग्लैंड

    For coaching details, read on:   Hi! I'm James Coleman from England, now 41 years old - (as much at pains me to say it) - and I've been playing chess since I was 7 years old.    I've competed in many international tournaments around the world and experienced...

  • GM MarianPetrov

    ऑनलाइन 1 घंटा पहले
    Marian Petrov FIDE रेटिंग 2549 Burgas, बुल्गारिया

      ♚ International Grand Master♚ Peak FIDE Rating: 2549♚ Professional Chess Coach for over 12 years      Fide trainer.      Coach of Wales in Baku 2016 Olimpiad  Bulgarian champion for 2002 and 2017    MORE ABOUT MEGM Marian Petrov is an accomplished professional...

  • IM hellokostya

    अब ऑन लाइन है
    Kostya Kavutskiy FIDE रेटिंग 2390 Mountain View, संयुक्त राज्य

    Coaching Services I am currently accepting new private students interested in trying out a few lessons before establishing a longer commitment. I'm looking for students motivated and dedicated to improving their game; those that are willing to study outside...

  • FM alexsuper1987

    ऑनलाइन 1 घंटा पहले
    Alessandro Santagati FIDE रेटिंग 2309 Catania, इटली

    I am Alessandro Santagati, a 29 year old FM.I live in Catania , Sicily , and I started playing chess at the age of 11. I have extensive experience in training.My philosophy is that anyone can improve quickly, given the right lessons.My method is to develop...

  • WGM VitaChulivska

    ऑनलाइन 1 घंटा पहले
    Vita Kryvoruchko USCF रेटिंग 2298 Lviv, यूक्रेन

    I love God, my husband, our daughter, family, friends and I'll love you, as my student! Besides I love chess! You can study openings, typical ideas of middlegame and whatever you want with me. We can play chess with any control and analyze your games. I...

  • IM IMRosen

    ऑनलाइन 1 घंटा पहले
    Eric Rosen USCF रेटिंग 2450 St. Louis, संयुक्त राज्य

    My name is Eric Rosen and I am an International Master residing in St. Louis, MO. I attend Webster University and compete for the Webster University Chess Team. As a member of the team, I am coached by former Women's World Champion, Susan Polgar, and...

  • NM Frolik67

    ऑनलाइन 1 घंटा पहले
    Nicholas Rosenthal USCF रेटिंग 2296 संयुक्त राज्य

    Online Coaching Available!   A few of my main achievements are being co-champion in the 7th, 9th, and 11th grade nationals. I was also 4th board all-star for the Miami Sharks in the USCL, and 4th board first team all-star for the St. Louis Arch Bishops...

  • WIM Cami3

    अब ऑन लाइन है
    Camelia Ciobanu FIDE रेटिंग 2150 Iasi, रोमानिया

    Hi everybody, it is great to get connected to chess lovers around the world! I am a chess player and teacher and I enjoy playing chess on this beautiful site, especially blitz games! You can definitely challenge me to a bullet, it's so much fun! I've...

  • WGM cukus

    ऑनलाइन 2 घंटे पहले
    Papp Petra FIDE रेटिंग 2337 Szeged, हंगरी

    My name is Petra Papp (2337) WGM.My system:- Mainly teaching aggressive openings- Showing general middlegames ideas (arising from the openings)- Improving calculation+endgame skills- Analysing instructive GM games- Analyzing your gamesI have been on the...

  • WGM karinachess1

    ऑनलाइन 2 घंटे पहले
    Karina Ambartsumova FIDE रेटिंग 2361 Kazan, रूस

    Hello to everybody! I am Woman Grandmaster from Russia (Kazan). I have 3 IM norms and I am Russian rapid champion among women 2015. I teach chess everyone who wants to improve level of understanding of the chess and in general to develop intellection...

  • NM SamCopeland

    ऑनलाइन 2 घंटे पहले
    Sam Copeland USCF रेटिंग 2310 Columbia, SC, संयुक्त राज्य

    Sam Copeland is the Director of International Content and Social Media for Chess.com. Sam loves a good game of chess and plays a mediocre game of chess. Sam earned the National Master title in 2012. In 2014, Sam returned to his home state...

  • GM FranciscoVallejoPons

    ऑनलाइन 2 घंटे पहले
    Francisco Vallejo Pons FIDE रेटिंग 2715 स्पेन

       Hello everyone, I am GM Francisco Vallejo from Spain, I was a Grand Master with 16 years old and a Junior World Champion in 2000. I had the honor to help World Champions Vishy Anand and mainly Veselin Topalov, both obviously amazing players and excellent...

  • GM Diwi89

    ऑनलाइन 2 घंटे पहले
    Daniele Vocaturo FIDE रेटिंग 2600 Barcellona, स्पेन

    Hello everybody!I’m GM Daniele Vocaturo, right now Italy’s highest rated player. It’s now 7 years since I decided to use my activity as a professional to help other players improve their skills. I take my job with full professionalism and enthusiasm,...

  • NM SoCalJuniorChess

    ऑनलाइन 3 घंटे पहले
    Shyam Gandhi Texas, संयुक्त राज्य

    Limited Time Only: $20 off your first lesson $10 off first hour of training games Online lessons available over Skype! Fixed Rate: $45/hr Training Games with Chat Analysis: $25/hr Message me here on chess.com if interested! Select Student Testimonials...

  • GM Cruel_Yaro

    ऑनलाइन 3 घंटे पहले
    Yaroslav Zherebukh USCF रेटिंग 2718 St Louis, संयुक्त राज्य

    I am Grandmaster Yaro Zherebukh, and I reside in St Louis, Missouri. Currently, I am completing a Masters in Applied Financial Economics at Saint Louis University while playing on their chess team, playing chess tournaments (6th place at 2017 U.S. Championship,...

  • IM TigerLilov

    ऑनलाइन 3 घंटे पहले
    Valeri Lilov FIDE रेटिंग 2438 Varna, बुल्गारिया

    I am a 25-year-old International Master and professional chess coach. My FIDE rating is 2438 (Classical) and 2515 (Online). In addition to giving high quality private lessons, I work as professional lecturer for many popular sites, including Chess.com,...

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