you may call me Dalf ... domestically, my nickname is Dodong ... i am a GOD-seeker ... and a family man, with four children (2 boys and 2 girls). i learned to play chess in the family when i was in my elementary grades ... with my father introducing me to the game ... and my two uncles whetting my excitement of the game ... however, i only played the game frequently with my father and two uncles ... in my elementary grades ... and it is only at this time that i have been back frequently playing the game ... and only here in the internet. i play chess not primarily to win ... but for the main purpose of growing-up into the image and likeness of GOD, conformed to the LORD JESUS CHRIST ... changing into HIS character ... as exposed to the many lessons in character fomation that the chessgames give such as, but not limited to ... humility, not only when losing in a game but more so in winning a game; ... patience, in waiting for my opponents to make their move; ... consideration, for others who take days in making their moves; ... and understanding, for others who may be irked by my messages and actions; ... and the resolution to overcome my wicked self and be restored to the man GOD has created at the start ... and in the process be an instrument displaying the LIGHT in me, as the HOLY SPIRIT teaches and guides me in the lessons of LIFE ... and ultimately, to display the GLORY of GOD who lords in HIS temple within me ... and the KING OF KINGS who rules and reigns in HIS kingdom within me. GOD bless us all, our families, and our people with the grace ... to desire HIS gift of salvation through the LORD JESUS CHRIST ... to grow in knowledge and stature of our true being through the HOLY SPIRIT who dwells within us ... and to be more intimate in our relationship with GOD, our FATHER.