Hello! I am a person, as you can probably tell. Chess is one of my most enjoyable and favorite hobbies. I play chess on chess.com (obviously), lichess.org, and (rarely) chesskid.com. I most enjoy playing rapid, I believe that chess is as game of intelligence and thought. If you always play blitz or bullet (that are actually super fun), then you aren't really playing chess, in a way. So, if you play rapid or even a classical game (takes too much time though), then you actually have time to think about your moves. I suggest playing 10+0 min (that is the most popular time control on chess.com). I also enjoy different variants of chess. My favorite (by far) is bughouse. I also enjoy playing a little bit of 4 player chess as well. I haven't been playing tournament chess (in-person or online) during this COVID-19 pandemic very much. So, my rating is very, very, very, very low. A lot lower than what it should be at this moment of time. So, I hope this pandemic will end soon for chess sake as well as not having to wear masks, do all this stuff, and a lot things that I could list on for years, decades, and centuries. I started playing chess back in 2017/18. Just a quick fact. 

I couldn't fit everything on my status below my initials or, name (I guess). I could only fit a little bit (The object is to crush your opponent's mind). You only have 50 characters (including spaces) that you can put there... I only have 50 characters left. This is unlimited though. happy.png

Thanks for visiting my profile! I hope you enjoyed reading this "about me" section of my profile as well as learning a little bit about me. I hope you have a great rest of your day. Stay safe and healthy (also have fun and don't be bored) during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

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