Before break - Hi I am Adhiraj Mitra , Jharkhand's youngest FIDE Rated Player  . I was born at 06/06/2012 . I started playing chess in the year of 2018 and got FIDE Rating at 2019  . My FIDE Rating is 1176 . Now there is a break for 10 seconds - My Blog Page -  . After break - No break after this - My Highest FIDE Rating peak is 1336 ... Guys just scroll down here and you see in this picture you can see I am playing Vishwanathan Anand but in my profile picture you can also see but the picture should be big and everyone see me better and five times world champion. Another thing - I have only played some moves but no result came with Vishwanathan Anand , he came my city to launch his book MIND MASTER and I was the only player who got a chance to play with him in the year of 2019
Moves against Vishwanathan Anand -

                                                My Bestest and Funniest Puzzle Battle against 2354 rated                                                                                     
You scrolled down and down and now finally you see the picture in which I am playing Vishwanathan Anand Guys.

In this picture you see I have took a picture with GM Surya Sekhar Ganguly .

In this picture my friend is hidden and was found in the picture , lol .

In the ending there are 2 puzzles so try to solve it . ALL THE BEST