2020. febr. 20.
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  • My favorite colour is dark green. I don't like red because it looks angry and looks bad for eyes.
  • I never play Brawl Stars because this is a game for fools.
  • My best friends are @ishanraj2020 @metallistverder @Pham_Gia_Bao @Pham_Gia_Khiem @jsjajh and @I_like_chess2020


I enemy with her, It's very bad person!
Her accounts are @ZarifaMusic @Dattebanya_naruto
@Dattebasa_naruto (closed)
@Amirova09 (Closed)
Abovethemoon 2 account (closed)
Above the moon 3 account (closed)
Her friends are banning and kicking me in all clubs! If this person join your club, kick and ban her!

Her friends are
Report this person and her friends please!


I like to play football, basketball, and golf. I like to see hockey. It's so nice!happy.png
I live in Moscow, but I was in Saint-Peterburg! I study in 4 class and this is so hard! My homework is big!
  • I am from Russia. 
  • I can speak English and Russian with you.
Don't invite me to clubs, please. I have a lot of clubs and I DON'T ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGES IN DAILY CHESS WITH TIME 1-4 DAYS because most of the daily chess games 1-3 days are difficult for me. You can invite me to a game with control from 5-20 minutes. But not a bullet, because I hate bullet games.
If you want to talk to me, you can do so anytime. I also play at You can also register there, it's a great place.
I like my friends and if you want you can join my club   but if you don't want to, don't join. and you can join 5 more clubs: 
My record is winning against FIDE master and National Master on