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Funny game I was losing badly, but won.

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So my name is Anirudh and I love chess, Fortnite, Among Us, and more fun stuff like that. I like watching Fortnite Videos And Chess videos on Youtube.  I know many openings, but I usually forget them in like an hour after I learn them in videos.  Some of my friends are,

@mysterycas - One of my best friends on, we are also classmates and have known each other for like 2 years.

@PranitP2011 - Another one of my best friends on, we play Fortnite together, and we met in Shoreview Chess. (It's a chess class.)

@ParthP2003 - @PranitP2011's older brother we also met in Shoreview Chess. (It's a chess class.)

@Shreyas_Erasani - I met him in Shoreview Chess (It's a chess class) we text each other every once in a while.

@Lawesomeness - We talk about Fortnite all the time!

@ravenclaw_101 - Closed for some reason idk.

@evangenzer - We are both fans of The Mandalorian, and talk about clubs a lot! He also made my logo! happy.png

Some Funny Games

(^^ I was black  ^^)

^^(I was black) ^^
This guy got destroyed LOL! 

More Coming Soon...