A few facts about myself :

My name is Mouksh Gogoi. 

I am an 18 year old who's very enthusiastic about chess , even though I suck at the game.

My other hobbies include speed cubing , football , performing in dramas and skits , computer coding to mention a few . 

My taste in movies and music differs drastically from that of my peers . I am fan of slow paced melodious bollywood songs from the 90s and early 2000s . Songs from that era were far more better than the crap remixes bollywood produces these days. 

I have been a very studious kid since my childhood . And I absolutely love Maths and Physics even though they have ruined countless nights of mine . I love chemistry to certain extent as well , but I am annoyed by the exceptions it offers in its trends . Its a subject that sometimes relies more on memorization , than logic and understanding . And the subject that I love the most is Computer Science . It has its own beauty . Its a subject thats constantly evolving , and enables you to be creative and dynamic which makes me a fan of it.

I am hyper Patriotic. And a nationalist .

A die hard fan of Indian Air Force. I aspire to join it when I grow up. Thats my main ambition. My grandfather is a retired flying officer. That was an important factor that influenced me to fall in love with the IAF . 

I am someone who is always keen to discuss politics . I am not an expert though . So feel free to personally message me any time you want to discuss anything. Personally I am more or less a centrist . I tend to have a liberal mindset on some aspects and a conservative one on the other ones. I try to avoid associating myself with either the left wing or the right wing , since these terms are vague in my opinion , and their meaning changes depending on the country you reside in . Though if I were to chose one of them , in context of Indian politics , I would go with the right thats close to the centre and not the far right. 

I come from a Hindu family but am an atheist myself . If you are reading this , then I caution you to never preach any sort of religion to me . Because I absolutely hate religion . I respect the beliefs of those with religion , because you have the right to have your own belief . But I love festivals , even if they are somehow related to religion. Because no matter what , they essentially bring happiness and joy. I celebrate as many festivals as I can . Be it Diwali , be it Christmas , be it Eid or Holi. 

I am a free thinker . I am very much in favour of absolute freedom of speech with the only  limit being incitement and promotion to violence . I am strictly against blasphemy . If one's feelings are hurt and affected by what's being said by someone else , he/she just need to ignore . 

I can't exactly remember when I started playing chess. I probably first learnt the basic rules of the game (not all) when I was 10 . It was my grandfather who taught me the game. I played one or two games with him back then . Of course my performance was miserable. I remember trading my queen for two pawns . But since then I left the game . And I got back to chess in 2020 . When I saw two people playing chess in my school. The Queen's Gambit series too further helped me develop a deeper interest for the game . I was back into chess for a brief period of time in 2019 too , but that's almost negligible .

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