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I love travelling,camping,hiking,trekking.Also interested about Mountaineering, Canyoning, Speleology and photography.You can check my blog HERE I found this site very interesting and i am looking forward to meet new people,mostly those who share the same interests with me. I am listening Pink Floyd, Psychedelia, 60's-70's progressive/kraut/experimental rock and i enjoy movies with directors such as Kubrick,Lynch,Woody Allen,Werner Herzog,Polanski,Coppola,Scorsese to name a few. Playing chess since 1992.I admire Fischer and Tal and i 've created groups in memorial of them.Fischer's group , Tal's group.Also groups about great players such as Morphy , Kasparov , Capablanca , Keres , Alekhine Για τους Ελληνες που διαβαζουν αυτη τη σελιδα υπαρχει και η Ελληνική ομάδα