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★ Friends List:

1. @CallisterAndrus my best ches friend of the year🥳

2.@ArnavlovesChess  I met him in person at my tournament and when we played chess on the leader board, then ended in a draw.🙄

3.@MorganCaeleb he showed me a music song then it became my favorite song 🥹

4. @4thPLANETMARS The first one to post a note in my notes and has a cool pfp😱

5.@Scemer Very kind 😘

6.@Drummer_GD_Elijah  he was so kind to me grin.png

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Goals till 2025♔

1650 rapid 😉

1400 blitz 😉

1100 bullet 😉

And 1350 daily 🫥

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Me wining a thropy with a face reavel ↡🡳↡

Hey you down this far, do you want to see my pets>???


Me launching nukes on roblox🤣

if you want to know my Roblox username its mint24532 and my display name is Unkn0wnFr0g

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Chess kid account: SlowClassyHamster

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ITS A TRICK Its not a free queen 😅

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The club of future Advanceds IMs and GMs👆Click the piture (PLEASE)🙏

Face reavel?? 🤔

This is 100% me 🎉🥳 wait a sec why is there a glitch if you scroll down in a video, I was not expecting that to happen