Hey! I am often found blogging and playing 3 Check. I've smashed my chess milestones so far, here's what I hope I can achieve in the rest of 2021:

Format Rating I want to reach Achieved?
Rapid 1000 To be filled
Blitz 800 To be filled
Bullet 1100 To be filled
Daily 900 To be filled
3 Check 1400 To be filled
King Of The Hill 800 To be filled
Crazyhouse 900 To be filled
chess960 900 To be filled
Bughouse 500

On my award-winning blog, you can find achievement guides, games analysis, educational chess blogs, puzzles, all things 3 check and hidden features on chess.com.

I have a Goldgold.png Membership on chess.com, it's really helped me with my chess.

I've beaten two titled players, CM @Latigre in 3 check and @EnergeticHay in Standard! I hope I can beat more in the future wink.png.