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My name is Shamil, and I’m a chess coach at Russian Chess School now.
I am an experienced chess teacher, coach and player.
I was born in the Caucasus, Dagestan, Russia. In 2006 , I entered Moscow sport school , Chess department and got a qualification “Chess teacher\coach”, where my chess teachers were GM Valery Chekhov, GM Sergey Arkhipov and my classmates were GM Andrey Stukopin, GM Vladimir Belous, GM Ilia Iljiushenok, GM Yuri Eliseev
I was really lucky that our paths have crossed.
In 2016 I graduated from Russian Social State University, thesis topic “ Formation of chess skills in children of secondary school age

Multiple participant of European and world Junior chess Championships ( 2006 – 2010), The winner of the Cup of Moscow ( 2014), Silver medalist of the Moscow Cup final (2015), Two-time champion of the Moscow team Championship ( 2011, 2015), Russian champion in the team of GM Sergey Arkhipov ( Top League, 2016), Multiple champion in the team and individual competition of the RSSU, I have many victories in student competitions, blitz tournaments and rapid chess
To speak quite candidly, I have always been a tactical player, trying to attack whenever possible

I have been successfully teaching people of all ages and from different countries of the world for almost 9 years.

My teaching methodology is focused on analyzing and understanding the shortcoming of my students in order to increase the level of chess playing .
I do have lots of experience in a variety of openings, endgames, strategy and tactics. I’m really eager to share my knowledge with my students.
My personalized approach to students will help them improve their game playing, regardless of current skill level.