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OCCUPATION: WEIGHT LOSS MENTOR helping people from UK/Europe, USA, Australia, NZ, India & Asia lose 10-15kgs / 22-33lbs in just 30-40 days!!  
On our gut cleansing / weight loss program you receive one on one DAILY support from me, meal plans, approved foods lists, natural supplements, access to many hundreds of great recipes, from simple to gourmet (some created by myself)! 
The key difference with our program to most others is that you are having constant support, and seeing fast results on the scales, both which help keep you highly motivated. Most people fail on most weight loss programs because of the lack of support. Not on our program!
This program truly does work, and because we are cleaning your gut at the same time as shedding all those unwanted lbs/kgs, you feel amazing on it!
Send me a private message for a confidential chat and let me know how many lbs/kgs YOU want to lose to start feeling great and looking great!  Whether its 22-140+lbs (10-60+kgs), I can help! 
I will also give you a maintenance plan to help you keep the weight off after the program finishes! Most do maintenance 80/20 and still manage to maintain their new lower weight!  

Cheers, Barbara happy.png 


You are all also welcome to join my group, Chess Nuts.

Eva Cassidy had the most angelic voice. Cancer stole her from us at the age of 33 sad.png 
Love her voice so much.

Some songs transport you to a place like no other songs. This song is my teleporation song.
I have listened to it a million times over the years and it will always stay my favourite song of all time...