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Aug 26, 2020
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Hello all! How are you? I'm boy! I'm 9 years old! I'm good in chess!  I'm in 3 class! My names Svyatoslav ( or firefly )!!! I have blogs and forums and clubs! Let's be friend! wink.png I'm popular!

My best friends @Lusik648  @Tigrulia2010 @arsuha2010 @collayder @Cherepov_Alexej @arsex2010 @Foxy-Fox @AlinaLoganova @georgebyron6634  @metallistverder @Dragon_2010  @Kolyanik @linaki1  @ProBessChannel 

Thank you for watch my profiletongue.png

 My record in puzzle rush 33!! 

I have all sorts of stuff! And If I am a good dreamer!happy.png I play championships and tournaments! Best score 5 place! I'm love chess and Basketball! I have good home and I'm good in!

Картинки по запросу My life

This is my favorite pictures

Картинки по запросу природаКартинки по запросу природа

I love chess and basketball! I have an adventure every day and a new notion! I play very good tournaments 

1. Black pawn №1 20 place

2. Black pawn №2 19 place

3.Black pawn №3 17 place

In my trainer @Cherepov_Alexej

My classmates in a chess mug @arsuha2010 @arsex2010 @Golovan_Vladimir and @Nikitos_Munchkin!

I know English and Russian! I can! If you want talk in Russian please talk with me! I have many friends! 

Invite my best friends! Me best friends at the beginning of this plate! This is very good friends! I have many clubs! Join in all my clubs please and my best friends will be glad! Thanks for watching my profile! n this plate I wrote me life! Thank you!

And do not be friends with the user @Giorghs44  yet, he is an abnormal person! Who wants to know why bad write to me! Be sure to tell a story!happy.png

I have a sister @Victory_2007!  I'm life in Belarus and I love Greece and Belarus and Russia! happy.png

Please create gift for me in 5th July! In 5th July I have birthday