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Alright, now that's all done, hello! I'm GM (also known as GMA or Australia), a friendly Australian on! My hobbies on consist of:

 1. Blogging (I love it! blogs)

2. Chatting (with you guys grin)

3. Helping people clubs

4. Playing chess (2000+ games played playhand)

I Joined in August 2023, and have enjoyed every moment. My goals are Top Blogger (maybe by 2025?), 2nd biggest BLOGGING club on the site (only 250 to go, can YOU help?), and getting 10000 profile views! I'm promoted in many clubs, and while I do my best it's almost impossible to be active in all of them (sadly). But feel free to promote me, you won't regret it!


(I'm also a boy Just in case you were wondering)

Last update: 10/4/24


2000 friends ❌️

900 rapid ❌️

5000 profile views ❌️

10 blog posts ❌️

200+ club members ❌️

Wish me luck lol

 I am a Christian who loves the Lord and trusts Him as my Savior. To those out there who feel alone or just beyond help, you can know there is always Jesus, and you can always turn to Him no matter what. He accepts you for who you are, and changes you for the better. To anyone who feels too lost and far gone to trust Him, know that there is nothing you can do to make Him love you less. He will ALWAYS be there for you. Jesus loves YOU and would love to have you in his kingdom. If you ever have any questions about Christianity feel free to DM me!


clubs The people I will now mention are all nice, and I'm proud to be their friend! clubs

  • @Dashbazzz I know him in real life, he loves Lord Of The Rings, chess, and talking general boy things with me and Eliteijah.
  • @KNSR0207 A very nice friend whom I have known on for a long time. We are united in everything, exept one thing. Who has the better cricket team (Australia)
  • @Admiral_ChessBeard Ah yes, mister Ray. He is incredibly nice, useful, and interesting to chat with. I recommend friending him! He was also temporarily owner of my club ( Bloggers Club), and he looked after it well!
  • @ResurrectedSon Christian like me, who introduced me to CYCT, and I'm thankful for that!
  • @Scemer nice kitty....
  • @samie2906 One of my oldest chess friends, I've played him a lot. As most people on, he has been inactive for a long time sad.png
  • @TheQueenMother87 My bros account, and before you ask questions mum uses that account more then him. (lol)
  • @Elitjah *sighhhh* sure wished he liked chess, he is @Dashbazzz bro.
  • @Anthony2023a Nice guy who owns Kids Only Club. I miss his cringy cloud photos sad.png
  • @erle19 Interesting chameleon, he also enjoys puzzle battle (like me). He also has forever associated the word early with a chameleon for everyone who knows him. Weird!
  • @GMchessminator He changes his profile picture way to much, plus people get us confused because of our names. But a nice person to chat to and is very active.
  • @NATO-SHOCK-TROOPS (previously @M777_killer) One of my best friends! He recently accepted Jesus as his saviour and i'm super proud of him! We talk a bunch of stupid and goofy stuff (boys will be boys).
  • @SoulMate333 A very caring person who looks after many youths on Christian Youth Chess Team.
  • @SweetPeaBuddy Also very nice and caring. I'm still currently trying to teach him how to use technology 🤪
  • @IM_LegendaryPawn69 Should blog as he is in my blogging club Lol. Owner of another reasonable sized club!
  • @Drummer_GD_Elijah very interesting to talk to. He is wayyyyyy better at geometry dash then me. His alternative name is my bio snooper/police. I make one mistake and *poof* I have a message from him lol.
  • @NathanGoatOfChess Helpful when you need a hand. He is trying to get 400 friends so make sure to send him a request!
  • @Gingerbread-cookie He is a very caring person, and NOT to be eaten!
  •  @Jared. Very useful (invites wink.png), nice, and fun to talk to!
  • @Christ_follower16333 He keeps getting banned because he plays good chess. I'm his really good friend, and he says he will give me a shout out when he becomes a titled player (I'm not kidding he's good). Update: He got banned (again) sad.png


✉️ If you think you are worthy of my being in my bio send me a message! ✉️

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