Since ur on my page, i figured u wanted to know more abt me. here are some facts about me:

my fav sport is sumo wrestling cuz im a humungous kid with nothing better to dohappy.png

Here is a pic of me:

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(my career research class told me that my best career choice was sumo wrestling "based on my interests")

I have one pet and it's a dog. Here a picture of him:

He's really beautiful and he means the world to me just like any pet shouldhappy.png

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Before I got into sumo wrestling, I tried out soccer but got quickly unmotivated after my school soccer team beat me up because I often tripped over the ball, and mainly sat on the benchhappy.png

This is my sumo wrestling buddy: @electrosaw. We train together on Mondays.

@electrosaw's birthday is coming up, and I'm trying to get him a gift. Tell me if this would be good (it's a cute little plush toy!):

You may think I have a life outside of chess and that I have no reason to be here, but here's why I decided to go to chess:

In 2nd grade, I was in the counselor's office, and we were talking about career choices, and I said I wanted to be a professional eater, so she told me that I didn't need any education for that, and that I would need to choose a real career. I went on and on interrupting her about the foods I liked, before she sent me to a therapist. The therapist said that I need to learn to survive without eating every five minutes. She offered to do an online school program because I "didn't really fit in with the other kids at school." My favorite food was cheese, so once I tried to go on this random site named, but then it autocorrected to, but I didn't notice. As a food lover, I still thought the site was related to cheese, so I made an account, and that's why I'm here today. 

My favorite stores are Claires and Justice (I was thinking about getting my sumo wrestling partner some matching bff necklaces, but none of the necklaces fit me sad.png).

Bye guys I hope you learned a lot abt me and I bet now u wanna be best friends with mehappy.png