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Hello everyone! I am @KINGDSTAR12327 (AKA: Dhruv Gehlot) and I am an Indian teen male and my age is 15 years, with my Zodiac sign being Pisces (My birthday: March 12, 2005). I currently live in Perth, WA, Australia and I have been playing chess for around 5+ years now & Chess.Com has been one of my favourite sites to play online chess! I especially love playing 4PC (4 Player Chess), which I play as often as possible, where I have loads of friends but I also like the other game modes too, like Live Chess & interesting variants! I also love multiple franchises, such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe & Bahubali Film Series + Mario & Pokemon Gaming, as well as possessing multiple/several other passions! I hope you enjoy playing on Chess.Com & being friends with me! Follow and join me @KINGDSTAR12327 &/+ my friends: @Happysis, @SiliconImplant, @Matucici, @PinkPaleWolf, @xTricksterx, @FaZe_Ninja2, @icystun, @Hugec849, @abhinavmartha123, @ericsuper20090925, @KASEY_CHESS, @Cammy003, @sriharsha_r, @devesh_the_king, @harshawiz_01, @OldrichRodrigez, as well as many others/+> Etc.! 😃😎🤩🥳  #SOSWORLD(2020+>)! #DSTARLegendsAssemble! #Chess.Com! #ExtraordinaryTogetherForever! #Thanks3000+! 😇👋😆🌟☝👍💞👑