I am a typical rapid and daily player as I get sufficient time to calculate. I accept random daily challenges but I don't accept bullet challenges. In terms of blitz and rapid, I only accept 3/10 and 10/0 respectively. I am already above 1000 in rapid and daily in chess.comstats.png. I had once lost many daily games on timeout. I don't play variants. My lichess.org account is @rivuchess. I play no more than 30 daily games during the first 2 months of the year, no more than 110 during March, no more than 70 during April, no more than 90 during May, no more than 50 during June, no more than 30 during July, no more than 70 during August, no more than 30 during the next 3 months and no more than 70 during December. I may not play any no vacation tournaments in March, May, October and December i.e. I may go on vacation during the mentioned months.