Heyy welcome to ma bio

A bit about me:

Im a GIRL, stop asking

I looove animalsss

I am homeschooled

I am ?? years old

If im online, chances are, im dead bored (save meeee)


Im gonna start a challenge which i try to compliment one random person each day, mostly because i wanna overcome my shyness like fr i am sooo shy. 

Also please NEVER USE RAT BAIT Omg if u use it plssss get rid of it like not only do u kill the rats in the most inhumane and slow way, u also get other animals and pets. Most people go "Oh but if we dont they eat our veggies and poo everywhere and anyways we dont have pets so it's fine" Well, news flash: Rats move around and if a dog hunts a rat thats eaten poison, you get a dead dog, or a very sick one and thousands of dollars on vet bills. Or even if the rat urinates in someone's garden pets can get sick. I am not making this up, i have first hand experience when our ferret Dusty died due to rat poison. Its not worth all these deaths, if you have to kill them (which i dont agree with but whatever) use traps that kill instantly. or use non-kill traps which are just as effeciant and ∞X more humane.

Awesome clubs you should definitely join:

Shining smiles

Banana galaxy

Snail squad

Guysssssss if u r looking for a pet always check ur local rescues first cuz there are billions of animals in shelters and over 6 million animals enter shelters in the US every year. If you can save a life please do. (If ur in australia check

I miss old times on this site 😭😭😭 I wanna bring em backkk 

One crappy thing at a time, life keeps falling apart....

Everyone meet mango:

We found him getting attacked by crows and braught him home. He is really tame and not at all shy, so yaa we made him a stand and he loves it, then we fed him a bunch of fruits but mango was by far his favourite which he devoured in seconds, which is how he earned his name. Later we found out that he might have Beak and feather disease (PBFD) which sadly has no cure, fingers crossed for his recovery 🤞🤞🤞

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