Hi there! It seems you've found yourself at my profile!


While you're waiting for the viruses to settle in and make themselves comfortable, you might as well read about me and my friends.

About me:

1. This is the official new account of @silverwildflower8. DM me if you want the reason why. I may remove this from my profile due to spam later on.

2. I have been called "book-smart". I agree. 

3. I have been called "terrible with people". I agree.

4. I have been called "bad grammar". I agree with also.

5. I have been called "bad speling". I agre.

6. I like CLASSICAL MUSIC. Don't send me anything besides CLASSICAL MUSIC.

7. I have friends. Yes. I have friends. 

8. I like positional play rather than tactics, and my puzzle rating is very low. I need to get it back up.



@AcerSpaceNerd: Person from school. Trying to start a sus cult. DO NOT JOIN.

@NewtBoy: Person from school. Watches a lot of YouTube.

@grantrieser: Person from school. Very loud. Stay away from me please.

@galaxycandycorn: In my chess class, met for the first time in an OTB tournament. Very nice 9 year old girl. Also the highest FIDE rated 9 year old girl in the world.

@QWizard: Met OTB. Literal god at Blitz.

@cwclaire1: My sister.

@ThePianoManRyan: Met at an OTB tournament. Insane guy. Can play and win with literally any opening. Also in my chess class.

@Flickas: Basically my mentor. Found him on Chessable, then on Chess.com. Absolutely insane person to chat with, full of great advice. 10/10 recommend.

@Tormas222: Quiz bowl GOD. Insane person, god at math (claims otherwise), French, and psychology happy.png

I’m very dumb compared to this child. Does not like being called child. Does not like being called daddy. I’m going to stop here becuase I’m probably going to get jumped after school because of this (for legal purposes this is a joke).


ONLINE (Probably a bad idea, but highlighted ones are one that are actually nice):

@2021blitzgrind: always up for blitz

@catgirl-miku: Don't ask. tongue.png

@chaotikitat: French katto. Very scary. Throws toasters.

@ChessHistoryRocks: Head of Scholar's Mates. Very formal person. Do not make mad.

@chz3369: uwu

@little_guinea_pig: reopen now child

@MaskedNuisance: almost called me out for cheating in first round of mafia, mafia god

@Nimzo-IndianaJones: sus guy isn't interested in romance also has a club and advertises a lot

@rohithbala: sus ideas sometimes, good guy