I'm wearingpajamas... call me pajama, NOT WEARING


Hi... its pajama.

First of all... don't get me confused as 'double gender'.

If i've told u i'm female... it's probably my  13yr old sister.  I'm 14 (nearly 15)years old... i have a older brother that's 17.  Here are the probabilities that u may encounter my siblings-->

1. Sister: 8.9 %

2. Brother: 1.1%

3. Me: 90%

I'm currently maybe inactive since of all the academic exams. Some people ask me, ' Why are you called Pajama'... and i will answer it now// I did not make the name... for some reasons the computer rolled the name 'CertainPajamas' to me... which i thought didn't make much sense, so i changed it to 'WearingPajamas'

First of all, my dad is Japanese while my mom is Chinese even though i speak chinese more lol. Why is my flag showing Japan? Is because i love manga. I'm currently living in Brisbane, Australia. I have some friends online

1. @CertainPajamas1345 Definetly not my alt lol// She is friendly and nice... friend her!

2. @FrancisLahpai The best gamer and the most skibidi rizz person ever 🤫🧏‍♂️

3. @Hayleethedumbass Yes, read her name. Her brother changed it undortunately.

4. @Rayyan_456 Nice person in general


🪦 @Rbs_27 My best friend. 

My birthday: 6/12

Zodiac: Saggitarius

Currently living in Brisbane, Australia visits Tokyo/ Shenyang every year.

'Trouble revolves around @FrancisLahpai like uranus and the sun 🤫🧏‍♂️'

Leave a note if you want to know who you talked to (e.g my sister)

Here are some link/s:



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Do ask me for a banner if you want! Just describe it in dms/ note. Requirement: nothing