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I don't entertain any invites to join the club, so please don't message me about that.

Send me your friend request and I'll accept it

              Feel free to message me anytime, but you won't be getting it pronto, as I will be busy and might show i'm available in Chess.com .

My FIDE PROFILE: https://ratings.fide.com/profile/146111612

      Check and sub to my YT channel(for chess especially!)dum dum click this or i'll come to your house to steal ur goldfish:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChw1QlLpG8R5H-SjjrSGrgQ

Go down for laffs!

Check my best game: My BEST GAME so far: (2 brilliants, 2 great moves, 15 best moves and 1 good move, 2 inaccuracies and a mistake): Click Here

What the heck! 10 great moves!? I just don't know!: Click Here


Check My (real rated) account, where its actually my rating, this account was made when i was blundering...MsVeganTeacher

And I know 11 things about you:

I know over 2 times more than you about me!

•1. You are reading this

•2. You just gave me +1 view

•3. You are a human

•4. You can't say the word Tiger without moving your lips

•6. You just attempted to do it

•7. You are laughing at yourself

•8. You have a smile on your face and you skipped number 5

•9. You check if there was a number 5

•10. You laugh at this because you fell for it

•11. Copy and look, who falls for it too!

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Note: I will play daily games with people 1000<, except those I get paired with in daily tournaments. If you are, 14 days is fine with me.