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Temukan pelatih catur yang dapat membantu meningkatkan permainan catur Anda. Para pemain papan atas yang tercantum di sini dapat memberikan pelajaran dan pelatihan catur. Hubungi pelatih catur sekarang juga.

  • CM Gertsog

    Dalam Siaran Langsung
    Viktor Neustroev FIDE Rating 2211 Novosibirsk, Rusia

    Experienced chess coach specializing in tactics and openings. An author of educational chess courses on Udemy. The coach of the champion of Siberia among girls under 9! Affordable rates! A test lesson is also possible! I'm 32. I live in Russia, Novosibirsk....

  • FM MattyDPerrine

    Online 13 mnt lalu
    Dalton Perrine FIDE Rating 2308 Orlando, FL, Amerika Serikat

    Want to improve your game? Raise your rating? Become a MASTER? Some of the most affordable prices online for personalized online chess coaching to take your game to the NEXT LEVEL!------------------------------------------------------------------I am...

  • IM Shtembuliak

    Online 16 mnt lalu
    Evgeny Shtembuliak FIDE Rating 2505 Lubbock, Amerika Serikat

    Hello everyone!!! I teach chess using skype.   I am a professional chessplayer and coach from Ukraine, I am an International Master and I also have one GM norm. My current elo is 2505(classic) and 2542(blitz). I have got plenty of achievements, I have...

  • IM TheButcher

    Online 16 mnt lalu
    Miodrag Perunovic FIDE Rating 2442 Nis, Serbia

    Successful FST (Fide Senior Trainer-Officially highest world ranking for coaches) and current Serbian Men's Head Captain and Coach. Coached more than 600 students worldwide, Chessbrah GM Eric Hansen (Canada), World Junior champion GM Alex Ipatov (Turkey),...


    Online 18 mnt lalu
    Roman Dzindzichashvili FIDE Rating 2550 East Boston, Amerika Serikat

    Hello,  My name is Roman Dzindzichashvili and I am a Life Long Chess Grandmaster and Chess Coach. I have been playing chess all my life and I have won the U.S. Chess Championship twice. I was also featured numerous time in many Chess Articles during...

  • NM HanSchut

    Online 19 mnt lalu
    Han Schut USCF Rating 2257 Florida, Amerika Serikat

    Certified trainer in the Steps Method (Van Wijgerden/Brunia) Available to coach fearless girls and boys who want to reach for the stars in chess and life! Also coaching adults who just love the game and want to improve. Chess coach and father of WIM Lisa...

  • FM Michel2426

    Online 30 mnt lalu
    Michel Coto FIDE Rating 2345 Artemisa, Kuba

    (Spanish/English/French) FM since 2009. In 2013 I got the Electronic Engineer Title and since then, I have been teaching chess and playing official tournaments. Personal Blog . Two IM norms (struggling for the 3rd),...

  • NM FearNoEvil12

    Dalam Siaran Langsung
    Joel Johnson USCF Rating 2300 Phoenix, Arizona, Amerika Serikat

    Joel Johnson, unlike nearly all other chess masters, started playing tournament chess at the advanced age of 17. But it did not take long before success struck, in just his third chess tourney, Joel won the 1972 Merrimack Valley High Chess Championship...

  • FM Alliswell998

    Dalam Siaran Langsung
    Terry Song Ontario, Kanada

    Hello! My name is Terry Song and I am a 19-year-old FIDE Master from Canada. My highest FIDE rating was 2339 and highest CFC rating was 2283.  I offer lessons to players rated from 1200 - 2000. We will use's live analysis board and Skype to...

  • FM LuisFSiles

    Online 40 mnt lalu
    Luis Fernández Siles FIDE Rating 2260 Granada, Spanyol

    Maestro FIDE y entrenador de ajedrez. Editor y director de Capakhine, la revista de ajedrez para los niños y sus padres. Siempre pensando en crear contenidos que puedan ser útiles para el progreso ajedrecístico. Creativo, bloguero,...

  • NM SamCopeland

    Online 41 mnt lalu
    Sam Copeland USCF Rating 2310, Amerika Serikat

    Sam Copeland is the Director of International Content and Social Media for Sam loves a good game of chess and plays a mediocre game of chess. Sam earned the National Master title in 2012. In 2014, Sam returned to his home state...

  • GM dbojkov

    Online 47 mnt lalu
    Dejan Bojkov USCF Rating 2597 Sofia, Bulgaria

    Graduated National Sports Academy in Sofia as a chess coach. Former trainer of the former women champion Antoaneta Stefanova. Available for private and group lessons online. You can check my video lesson library for  here. You can follow me...

  • FM josemoramoron

    Dalam Siaran Langsung
    Jose Mora Moron Caracas, Venezuela

    "Pedagogia, planificacion y conocimiento de los aspectos tecnicos del juego, son el camino hacia el progreso". Uso de las herramientas informaticas mas potentes y sofisticadas en la actualidad (gestores de bases de datos, modulos de analisis, tablas de...

  • GM Krasimir_Rusev

    Online 59 mnt lalu
    Krasimir Rusev FIDE Rating 2569 Kazanlak, Bulgaria

    I am GM Krasimir Rusev, professional chess player and trainer.Member of the Bulgarian National  Chess Team.Winner of many strong  chess tournaments around the world. I graduated from the National Sports Academy in Bulgaria with a Bachelor’s degree in...

  • WGM cukus

    Online 1 jam lalu
    Papp Petra FIDE Rating 2337 Szeged, Hungaria

    My name is Petra Papp (2337) WGM.My system:- Mainly teaching aggressive openings- Showing general middlegames ideas (arising from the openings)- Improving calculation+endgame skills- Analysing instructive GM games- Analyzing your gamesI have been on the...

  • FM AlbertoChueca

    Online 1 jam lalu
    Alberto Chueca FIDE Rating 2300 Zaragoza, Spain, Spanyol

    Hi! I'm Alberto Chueca, FIDE Master, chess coach and founder of I've got many years coaching mainly children where some of them are representing their countries (United States, India...) and are in the top 15 of the World of their...

  • IM TheNomNomFactor

    Online 1 jam lalu
    Craig Hilby USCF Rating 2522 California, Amerika Serikat

    "PRO Chess League Team: San Diego Surfers" Hello! 18-year old International Master Craig Hilby here! I am open to private coaching and am strongly capable of teaching students anywhere from beginner to 2200 master level. I have experience teaching in...

  • FM MrBadbeat

    Online 1 jam lalu
    Andras Orosz FIDE Rating 2310 Győrújfalu, Hungaria

    Tailoring a personal training material according to your needs.   I'm a 21 years old FM from Hungary. I have been playing chess since the age of 5. I started to participate in tournaments regularly at the age of 12. E-mail:   I...

  • CM JamesColeman

    Online 1 jam lalu
    James Coleman FIDE Rating 2207 London, Inggris

    Hi! I'm James Coleman from England, now 41 years old - (so well past my prime ) - and I've been playing chess since I was 7 years old.    I've competed in many international tournaments around the world and experienced all the highs and lows that go with...

  • GM Medvegy

    Online 1 jam lalu
    Zoltán Medvegy FIDE Rating 2550 Budapest, Hungaria

    Greetings from Budapest, Hungary! I have the experience of 6 years as a chess coach and 15 years as an active grandmaster. The rate of a 60-minutes lesson is $50. This price is already including an individual coaching plan and homeworks. We can analyze...

  • NM smarterchess

    Online 1 jam lalu
    Matt Jensen USCF Rating 2212 Minnesota, Amerika Serikat

    Note: Not accepting new students at the moment. Matt is a USCF National Master and part-time chess coach.  He started playing chess when at five and has been teaching since age nine.  Matt’s two goals when working with students are to 1) make sure the...

  • FM andresgv36

    Online 1 jam lalu
    Andres Guerrero FIDE Rating 2321 Valencia, Venezuela

    Hola! Gracias por tomarte un minuto para ver mi perfil! Soy FM y Coach Profesional. Me enfoco en los ajedrecistas que se sienten atrapados entre los 1100/1900 de Elo, ayudándolos a obtener rápidos progresos. En los últimos años me he especializado en...

  • IM Pancevski

    Online 1 jam lalu
    Filip Pancevski FIDE Rating 2503 Skopje, Makedonia

    I'm IM from Macedonia and I have two GM norms. Current champion of Macedonia, so far I have become champion of Macedonia four times. Member of the Macedonian National Team since 2009. For more info you can see my website 

  • Dmitry_Che

    Online 1 jam lalu
    Dmitry Fedosov FIDE Rating 2222 Cherepovets, Rusia

    Обучаю побеждать! Профессиональный шахматный тренер клуба "Гроссмейстер" (GM Александр Рахманов), участник двух Первенств России до 18 лет. Приглашаю обучаться шахматам онлайн по Skype. А именно – анализ партий, построение дебютного репертуара, изучение...

  • GM sergiochess83

    Online 1 jam lalu
    Sergey Grigoriants FIDE Rating 2568 Moscow, Rusia

    My name is Sergey Grigoriants professional chess player and coach, (2568) GM from Russia. I give online individual lessons in English and Russian. I can help you build your opening repertoire, show you typical middlegame patterns, develop your tactical...

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