Bendruomenės Politika

The following text is an informative translation only. The only legally valid version is available in English.

Galioja nuo: March 25, 2019 has become the largest online chess community with millions of active members representing every country on the planet. Our goal is to create a fun, safe, and fair place for all chess fans to enjoy the game.

Mes skatiname visus narius elgtis su kitais, kaip jie norėtų, kad būtų elgiamasi bei laikytis žemiau pateiktų rekomendacijų. Žaidėjams ir bendruomenės nariams, nesugebantiems laikytis šių taisyklių, bus taikomi įspėjimai, apribotos privilegijos, atskiri žaidimo kambariai ar net bus uždarytos jų paskyros.

Bendruomenės Elgesio Politika

  • Būkite malonus, paslaugus ir atlaidus
  • Do not abuse, attack, threaten, discriminate, or mistreat other members in any way
  • Do not hijack threads, troll, or post distracting or meaningless content
  • Do not post spam, advertisements, or copy/paste comments and messages
  • Pernelyg nereklamuokite savo klubo
  • Do not publicly debate religious or political topics
  • Do not post obscene or pornographic content
  • Do not discuss illegal activities
  • Do not open more than one account

Sportsmanship Policy

  • Dažnai nenutraukite partijų
  • Neverskite savo varžovų bereikalingai laukti
  • Do not disconnect or quit without resigning when lost
  • Nepriekabiaukite ir nekaltininkite savo varžovų

Sąžiningo Žaidimo Politika

  • Nesinaudokite kitų žmonių, žaidėjų ar trenerių pagalaba
  • Do not allow anyone else to use your account or access anyone else's account
  • Do not use chess engines, bots, plugins or any tools that analyze positions during play
  • You may use Opening Explorer or other opening books without engine evaluations in Daily chess only
  • Do not artificially manipulate ratings, matches, or game outcomes
  • Do not interfere with the game-play of other members
  • You may not use tablebases, or any other resources which reveal the best move
  • Do not "blunder check" or do any analysis of your games in progress
  • If you suspect your opponent is using outside help, this is not an excuse for you to do the same. Please report the player

If you have any questions about our policies, please reach out to our Support Team.