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Are you struggling with opening knowledge? 
Do you need advice when it comes to middlegame planning? Are your tactical abilities unbalanced and you are not sure how to properly calculate moves? I offer High Quality chess lessons with homework and support!   Do you need help when it comes to finishing up a game in endgames? If the answer is yes, then it's okay if you want to take coaching, I should be able to help you to solve these problems.

Hello! My name is Mihailo Djokic from Serbia. I am 21 years old and have been playing chess since I was four years old, with serious training starting at the age of twelve. I use these many years of experience as my main tool for helping my students improve. Feel free to message me any time if you are interested.

Here you can visit my website: https://mikasinski.com/

I have taught chess for three years and have successfully succeeded with my students. For example, one of my best students, Efi Rosenborg, went from a 1500 rating to almost 2100 in just 6 months of working with me. I have also worked with several players from the US and some have even won over-the-board tournaments in the USCF rating system. I feel immense pride and joy seeing my students make remarkable progress!

Couple of things that might help you:

1. Before making your move, take the time to consider your opponent's position and what their next move might be. This helps you stay focused and relaxed, giving you a better chance of finding the best move and uncovering tactical ideas.

2. Be disciplined when thinking through your moves. Keep in mind that even one mistake can ruin your entire game, as chess can be unpredictable.

3. Always look for tactics and evaluate the long-term strategy of each position. Calculate, imagine the board, and cover the entire board every time you think to maximize your time efficiency.

4. Pick one opening and practice tactics and strategy within that opening. This will provide you with direction and help you improve more quickly.

5. Don't get caught up in who you're playing against—instead, focus solely on the board and pieces, and think without bias. This gives you the best chance of success.


1 = 60€, 10 = 500€, Free (30 mins) Consultation for people who are searching for a long term coach!

What I offer students:

1. Opening theory: (Reti, Sicilian Defence, French Defence, Kings Indian, Different gambits,            depending on your style of playing with strategy and tactical ideas)

2. Tactics: All checkmate motives separated based on levels, specifical puzzles for your level

3. Principles in endgames: (King activity, why is it important? Key focus for specific once, Rook      and Queen endgames, general principles)

4. Middlegame: From basic to advanced strategy, motives covered in games          

5. Analyzing games and fixing mistakes (Showing you what should you play, Psychological              factors, time control, personal advice/experience)

6. Identifying students' style of playing ( Positional or aggressive), and helping them find opening repertoire based on that.

7. Endgames technique ( Specific endgames explained and more seriously studied to increase your endgame knowledge and success.

8. Chessbase files: Aditional homework you can study after lessons to secure your knowledge      in  the long-term

9. Homework based on things we worked on to keep you in control of your improvement

10. Long-term plan for your improvement for students after three months of lessons

Teaching methodology (By lessons)

Lesson 1: Analyze two games played against students as white and black, focusing on identifying mistakes, missing tactics, making strategic decisions, and assessing tactical calculations. See if there are better alternatives.

Lessons 2 and 3: Begin to work with students on the fundamentals of openings. Identify the student's style, suggest an appropriate opening, and explain the strategy behind the move. 

Lessons 4 and 5: Further explore the opening with strategic suggestions and explain the general principles behind them.

Lessons 6 and 7: Introduce the basics of strategy, starting with simple positions that require the student to recognize the strategic idea within 1-3 moves, and working up to more complex positions that require 3-5 moves. Assess the student's level to determine the difficulty of the exercises.

Lesson 8: Every 7-8 lessons I analyze student games and follow improvement over these lessons, trying to identify things I did not before so we can compensate for missing stuff from before, which is very important for long-term improvement.

Lesson 9: Beginning of the endgame stuff: General discussion about endgames, going through examples and reviewing them.

Lesson 10: Playing with the students again but this time analyzing things deeper because we already had some experience working together so we can share our thoughts during games and discuss things we already worked on.

Between Lessons: You will get specific material that is up to your free material strategy to manage to work on chess, tactical material strategy and opening stuff, and general advice which I create in meantime between our lessons.

Whether you want to beat your neighbor or achieve a master's level, I'm here to help. Message me any time to get started. I look forward to helping you become a better player!

Contact: here or mihailodjokic541@gmail.com 


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