FritziSchach_Twitch Community Streamer

I started streaming Chess in May 2020, usually in German. Feel free to check out my Twitch and YouTube channel:

I like to change my profile picture more often than some people change their underpants

not anymore blindfolded, but maybe i come back  

prefer playing 10 sec chess offline

dont do chess at 4am kids - not good for your rating nor for your health

please note that there is some weird bug from time to time - then i cant accept or ask for a rematch. sorry for that. also, somehow i sometimes cant get/take or ask for a challenge.

when i lose a game on time and then dont take another rematch thats usally because pull off more then 0.1 seconds for a premove or the move didnt reached the server at all - im just tilted then, close everything on my laptop and watch some tv boomerlike.

idr spiele ich ganz nach dem motto nachdenken ist was für looser, falle aber manchmal in alte gewohnheiten zurück und machs auch LUL - Kappa


i mainly play off-stream, where i often tilt real quick (or already start playing tilted) and try to become a decent mouse player with 10 or 30 seconds chess somehow (thats why im not so fast right now grin.png ) (and yes, i use my vertical mouse for it usually (but there also isnt that big diffrence tot ouch anyways here ))

btw heaving a knight/bishop left while flagging you with leftovers is counted like a win by myself - as there are posiblle mates

langsamsere zeitkontrollen als bullet sind doch dönekes

hcahcSiztirF is my CPQ Acc usually

LAG(/.... f.e nr gq)=BLOCK (and i dont care about the origin, its not my connection i can say)

Banana brains you're the apple of my eye
Stay with me tonight
Cause I'm having the best time of my life

hast du dir den ganzen scheiß wirklich durchgelsen? meinen glückwunsch nehme ich mal an