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Kansas City, United States
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Formerly known as 7thSense. I took time off to focus on school. I now help direct the chess club at the University of Kansas. There is limited USCF action near me but I try to go to IM Michael Brooks' club and play in the KU Quads.


Westport Club Website:


I'm essentially bilingual - fluent in English, and can speak Spanish pretty well (puedo hablar en ingles, pero no soy tanto bueno en Espanol - pero tengo compentencia)



My rating shouldn't be as high as it is. I am working on improving all aspects of my game with help from many people, including Brian Yang, Kyle Camarda, and lots of my friends from KSCA.



I do not accept friend requests unless I've known you for some time and have had real conversations with you that I enjoyed being a part of. That shouldn't take much effort, but I will ask that this procedure is used. Thanks!


I reached #5 on the tournament points leaderboard on 9/18/16.



Yes, I know I have a lot of games going on. If you don't like how I take so long, take advantage of the other ways you can play on this website. I'm sure you can find a way. There isn't any reason for me to tolerate disrespect. I don't badmouth anyone, and you shouldn't be doing it to me either.



If you're wondering how I manage it, keep in mind I only have to make moves in about 300 games each day. I have upwards of 6 hours a day available to play chess (including the early hours of the morning when I should be asleep). It takes the place of my nonexistent social life quite nicely.


I am...


- A competitive Scrabble player (top 100 in North America)


View my Scrabble statistics here: http://cross-tables.com/results.php?p=19852


- A math fanatic


- A puzzle constructor, including crosswords and Sudoku, for major newspaper/publications and minor ones


- A USCF Chess player and former KSCA tournament winner 


Always remember that for many of us, chess isn't about avoiding blunders completely. It's just about reducing them. We're not all capable of being grandmasters. But we're all capable of getting better at this game.

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